Yoga + Meditation Web Design Project

AM WELLNESS is a yoga and meditation coach and wellness website.

We helped the client understand their target audience. We also explored how to evolve their dream into a unique and compelling brand identity and message.

In this project, a lot of work was involved to deliver the final assets. These included:

  • Brand identity and strategy
  • Logo design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Interactive Quiz
  • Keyword research for search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Copywriting assistance

AM WELLNESS website is sleek and professional, representing its core values and its messages in a quick and easy manner.

The yoga and meditation web design project is unique and is exactly what this client was after.

You can see the website in action here:

Yoga and meditation web design quiz

The website features an interactive quiz that allows people to select answers about their daily life and habits.

From this quiz, people are given suggested recommendations on what service package may be best for them or their organisation.

The quiz allows the user to have a different and engaging experience with the brand. And it stands out from other websites.

Using a blog to entice more organic traffic

In addition to this, we included a blog which was focused around key search engine terms in Australia for the business.

The blog helps to drive additional people to the website, as part of its love funnel approach.

Instead of the usual rectangle design, we introduced a square blog and grid layout to further differentiate the offering.

The blogs also help to support the internal link-building of the website, which sends a stronger signal back to Google to categorise and understand the content.

What our wellness client had to say

“I am absolutely thrilled with my website, Ray and the team at LYF Solutions were a dream to deal with, they were quick, responsive, highly creative and solution focused. Ray’s passion for design, customer focus and communications really shone through and the website met and surpassed my expectations – I am so happy with the whole process and incredibly proud to share the end result.

I can’t thank the team enough and look forward to working with them ongoing as I continue to build and grow my business and community” Alex McDonald shared.

Wellness coach websites and more

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