Power Pets Agency WordPress Web Design

Power Pets Agency is the only influencer marketing agency for pets in Australia.

This agency knows your furry and pawesome friends best.

We loved being part of this exciting WordPress web design project.

See more in the video below.

In order to create something unique for this brand, this project involved a custom website design built in Photoshop.

We also developed copywriting for the website build.

Using an existing WordPress theme, we custom coded a unique experience that reflected the values of this pet influencer agency.

Power Pets Agency WordPress site

Unique build features included:

  • Custom design with Elementor Pro built-in
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Add to cart like experience for influencer marketing shortlisting
  • Custom icons
  • Shortlist PDF layout design
  • Gallery optimisation
  • Pet talent search tool

You can view the Power Pets Agency WordPress website here.





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