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Squarespace Web Design adapted for COVID-19

Move Culture is a fitness studio with dance, breathe and sweat classes. The business operates in Oakleigh, Victoria.

We worked on this Squarespace web design project several months before. Although, when COVID-19 arrived, it presented new challenges for this existing business.

Due to government restrictions, indoor and outdoor fitness and wellness studios were limited to how they could see clients.

Ann-Marie the founder of Move Culture reached out to us to see if we could help find a solution.

Squarespace Web Design Challenges

The main challenge was that we needed to switch this mostly offline business into one that was online and fast!

We had to find a way to offer a subscription service which would allow classes to run via live stream.

Key to this project:

  • Cost-effective
  • Use existing Squarespace website
  • Deliver a unique and entertaining experience
  • Allow people to get the social connection they crave
  • Deliver a recurring revenue stream for the business

See our Squarespace Web Design in action


We investigated a number of solutions with Move Culture in order to find the right pathway for them and their small business.

In the end, we upgraded the website to Squarespace subscriptions plan to allow Move Culture to collect subscriptions and use these services.

We then customised the automated emails that came from Squarespace to let people know that after the purchase they’ll need to join us on Facebook.

Also, we switched off the former Mindbody integration we worked on, to help alleviate cost pressures for the business.

Using the Facebook private group feature we could communicate effectively and share a private dance, breathe and sweat class.

By using Zoom for the client, we were able to ensure that the sessions were private and that they allowed people to have the option to see each other workout if they wished.

We also needed to ensure that we could play music and still hear the instructor during the sessions. Zoom allowed us to do all these things effectively.

Finally, we developed the copy to support the promotion of this new offering describing it as an “All Access Pass“.

Key COVID-19 insight:

A key insight we gathered was that during COVID-19, people were feeling lonely and looking for some form of social connection. They also were struggling to be physically active which in turn would lead to worse mental health outcomes.

We used this insight to guide us in finding the right solution and to effectively promote the service.

Squarespace VS WordPress

We often hear a lot in community and business groups that Squarespace is not a viable solution for small businesses.

As explained in our video above, we don’t believe this is true.

Whilst, WordPress.org (self-hosted) allows more room for you to customise the website and have on-website experiences, this can add further complexity and costs for a client.

Our Squarespace web design selection criteria are based on the need to ensure the platform suits the client’s needs.

In this case, Ann-Marie loves the fact she can make updates with ease and is familiar with how Squarespace works.

Whilst there are limits to how we can run a subscription and community service, this case study proves that workarounds can be found.

Results of Squarespace subscription offering

In a quick turnaround by our team of two days, Ann-Marie was able to promote and sell the new offering to customers.

This led to an incredible uplift of subscriptions for the studio and recurring revenue to pay off the business expenses including its currently empty leased studio.

There was a 6.84% conversion rate for purchases of the subscription, which was well above the industry average of 1.85%.

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