FONTAINEBLEAU Shopify eCommerce Project

FONTAINEBLEAU is no doubt a French word.

The french claim this word because of its origins for the large and scenic forest of Fontainebleau. This destination is a favourite spot for Parisians.

For us, however, it was the inspiration of all things Mediterranean for a Shopify eCommerce project.

The client asked us to create a simple and easy to use website for their unique male swim short range.

You can see the website in action here:

Our work included:

  • Setting up the Shopify eCommerce website and its settings
  • Keyword research for the male swim shorts range and supplementary keywords for content in the future
  • Custom coding the image hover feature that showcases two images to the user
  • Adding in an Instagram feed
  • Making improvements to the theme for mobile spacing and experience
  • Correctly sizing imagery and compressing for the web to reduce load time
  • Custom coding to the theme to match the brand identity
  • Developing copy that matched the keyword research and audience persona

The result was a website that is easy to use and matches the philosophy of the brand.

With a clear call to action strategy across the site, the business is able to garner the most attention from users, pointing them towards key eCommerce goals.

To visit the Shopify swim shorts website, click here.

If you have a Shopify project that you need help with, contact our expert Shopify web design team today.



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