Thank you for supporting us for 13 lovely years!

We have decided to end the LYF Solutions chapter after 13 lovely years in small business (24 if you count our hobby days).

I want to thank every client who supported our purpose-led mission and invite you to continue this with us at our company, True Green® Hosting.

For Google Analytics 4 services, please use our new brief form whilst we create a new website dedicated to this service area featuring my personal brand Ray Pastoors. We have some exciting features to share with you.

Take note that these services have different terms of use and privacy policies.

Lots of love,

Ray Pastoors

Founder – LYF Solutions

Ray Pastoors Founder of LYF Solutions ethical digital marketing firm

Terms & Conditions

In the following Terms and Conditions, LYF Solutions is referred to as “LYF”, and you, the client, are referred to as “the client”.

1. Amendments

LYF reserves the right to change our terms and conditions at any time, at which time a notice will be posted on our site advising of such changes. The following Terms and Conditions apply to all services provided by LYF Solutions.

2. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

All work is carried out by LYF with the understanding that the Client has read, understands and agrees to be bound by LYF Terms and Conditions.

3. Quotations

We provide quotes based on the client’s circumstance, situation and budget. These quote/s only last for seven days. After this date, the quote may change depending on time availability and circumstance if not accepted by the client. Quotations are an estimate. The estimation may change subject to the scope of the work involved. We are transparent about this and will share with you the time spent and whether more work is required as early on as possible.

4. Acceptance of Quotation

Acceptance of a quotation or our prices is granted when you purchase a service from LYF. All items are to be paid in (AUD). All clients from Australia are required to pay GST. Projects (except retainers) less than $1200 require full payment. All other projects excluding retainers, require a 60% deposit to secure the work and resources. Work will not take place until this payment threshold has been reached.

5. Changes of Work Request

For all work other than web and graphic design, all additional changes to the original, agreed-upon work request will be submitted for approval prior to moving forward. All additional changes are subject to a charge for website and graphic design work.

6. Design and Development

During the design and development process, it is expected that you, the Client will work with LYF to reach the results outlined in the service provided or outlined quotation. This includes providing timely feedback and a willingness to clarify and elaborate on details as required. You also agree to check for any errors or bugs during this time.

All artwork supplied remains the copyright of LYF until the final payment of your account has been made. After which, full copyright is owned by you, the Client.

Any discarded concepts, ideas, designs and/or code remain the property of LYF and must not be used by the Client under any circumstances unless purchased separately.

The Client explicitly grants explicit permission for LYF to use the above-mentioned final components for self-promotion.

While LYF takes all care to ensure error-free documents, development and designs, it is the responsibility of the Client to notify LYF of any errors or omissions prior to the finalisation of the account. Changes after the finalisation of accounts will incur a separate fee.

7. Confidentiality

We value you as a client and take confidentiality seriously. All information provided by the Client is used solely for the purpose of completing the work. Your information will not be passed on to any third party outside of this work. You may receive updates from us directly on new resources, business news or offers to your email address. If you no longer wish to receive this news, you can unsubscribe at any time. The only exception to this term is where to assist you; we may recommend you contact True Green® for web hosting and domain services or Content Savvy, our sister agency, for content-related services.

8. Invoicing

All invoices are charged in Australian dollars and can be paid by credit card (Stripe) or bank transfer. Invoices must be paid within 14 days from the issue date. If an invoice is not paid by the due date a fee of 10% will apply to the total invoice amount per 28 days the invoice is late. In the event the invoice is not paid within four weeks or no reply is given, LYF reserves the right to warrant the use of a debt collection service or agency. At this same time, if any current services exist, e.g. but not limited to web development, these services will remain suspended until such payments owed are paid. In the event no negotiation is made within 60 days, and no payment is received, your project relative to the invoice will be terminated with notice given. Note failure to pay your invoice within 60 days may also result in your business being listed with a credit default. This default may affect your credit score for up to 5 years.

9. Consultations

LYF Solutions provides clients with expertise and marketing advice. Your first individual 30-minute marketing consult is free. Any consult after this is charged at $45 AUD + GST for every 30 minutes. If you require strategic or marketing advice via other communication methods such as but not limited to email or social media messages, we will advise you of a quote or whether that is being charged, unless it is already expected due to the nature of having an hourly retainer or ongoing project relationship. Strategic consultations or those with a recording are charged at a higher rate and are specified in LYF Solutions booking calendar.

Any phone calls made to LYF Solutions or its team are also charged for. Requests for work outside of the agreed scope may also result in additional charges, which will be advised as early on as possible.

10. Withdrawal of Services

LYF reserves the right to withdraw its services at any time with a full refund of your deposit.

10a. Conditions

These terms and conditions are in addition to our agreed Ethical Charter and Privacy Policy, all available on our website. 

10b. Cancellation

The invoice needs to be cancelled within three days from approval. If the project is cancelled after this date, you will be charged the fees incurred from the services already undertaken. Services undertaken may include but are not limited to design, maintenance or products procured.

Last Updated 01/06/2023