Thank you for supporting us for 13 lovely years!

We have decided to end the LYF Solutions chapter after 13 lovely years in small business (24 if you count our hobby days).

I want to thank every client who supported our purpose-led mission and invite you to continue this with us at our company, True Green® Hosting.

For Google Analytics 4 services, please use our new brief form whilst we create a new website dedicated to this service area featuring my personal brand Ray Pastoors. We have some exciting features to share with you.

Take note that these services have different terms of use and privacy policies.

Lots of love,

Ray Pastoors

Founder – LYF Solutions

Ray Pastoors Founder of LYF Solutions ethical digital marketing firm

Ethical Digital Marketing Charter

To change the world, we put our words into action.

Who we work with

As an ethical digital marketing firm, we choose to do business with like-minded people who share our belief that we can grow a business, without compromising on our planet.

We work with people who are looking for a team who can help or empower them to grow their business as an extension of their team or individual efforts.

Over the years we’ve picked up on the type of clients we connect and work well with. Here are some of the key traits we share with good clients:

Industries we don't work with

If you are looking to get rich quick, take shortcuts or want to take an approach that is against what platform rules allow, we are not for you.

There are also a number of industries we don’t work with. You can see a few (not all) examples below:

The right fit for us? Let's talk business.

I confirm that I am not listed as an unethical industry*