Squid the Griff Shopify eCommerce website

Squid the Griff is a beloved Brussel Griffon.

This influential pet has made a name for itself around the globe for all things cool and sassy.

As part of this Shopify eCommerce website project, we were tasked with developing a new design for Squid the Griff online.

Learn more in the video below.

In addition, we needed to ensure that we kept things simple, which reflected the persona of this fluffy friend of ours.

Squid the Griff was a customised Shopify template project.

Squid The Griff Shopify eCommerceWebsite

We added additional custom work including:

  • Instagram Integration
  • Multiple image preview experience
  • Custom changes to Shopify currency
  • Sidebar shopping filters
  • Custom icons for contact experience
  • Mobile responsiveness improvements

You can view Squid the Griff on Shopify here.




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