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SEO Marketing for small business

SEO Marketing for small business by LYF Solutions

We’re here to help you with SEO marketing for your small business.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimisation involves setting up your site for the benefit of search engines. A search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo have robots that crawl through websites to collect data such as meta keywords and descriptions. The data captured enables the search engine to determine where your site sits from others on the web. By placing the right information in the right spaces and following a number of search engine rules and processes, you can better present yourself to these search engines and rank better when someone searches for your product, service or organisation.

How does an SEO Marketing Strategy work?

An SEO Marketing Strategy is a plan that works out what your target market is and how to attract it. With many forms of social media and internet advertising available, this plan can grab your target market’s attention and place yourself in the right place for search engines.

How do you perform SEO optimisation?

At LYF, we put our attention to on page and off page search engine optimisation. Our focus is to get your site right first, then work with you to deliver external search engine results. In reality, for a small business, you can’t expect traffic unless your website is set-up for search engine robots. We also use a number of tools for search engine optimisation including directory listings, submissions, Google blacklist check and determine whether your website has any broken links which all form part of a visitor’s experience.