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Get an advantage for your business with search engine optimisation + quality content

Not sure where to start with your website or digital marketing content? Our team of SEO copywriting specialists can help you. 

Writing for a website or online requires a fine balance between optimising content for search engines, while still making it interesting and relatable for people too. 

Our SEO copywriters have all been trained in the latest search engine techniques, meaning you’ll be getting the perfect mix of creativity with the necessary technical understanding that delivers the results you’re looking for. 

When your website has been optimised with Google’s best practices in mind, your brand’s voice will stand out more clearly and you’ll also have a stronger website to build upon.

Creating content carefully and intentionally can mean the difference between an increase in organic traffic to your website and being lost in the wilderness with other content not getting the attention it may deserve.


How can our SEO digital copywriters help you?

A digital copywriter is someone with a dedicated focus on writing unique and carefully crafted content for websites. 

Whether you’re launching a new business website from scratch or are revamping your existing one, copywriters are the wordsmiths behind the scenes. 

Our team of SEO copywriting extraordinaires will work closely with you to gain an understanding of your brand’s unique tone of voice before translating that to your website copy. Each page and article will have an SEO plan behind it coupled with your audience needs, ensuring we’re hitting the right keywords and meeting the goals of your customers or future ones.

We can help you with everything from your home page to your FAQ’s and everything in between. 

The team at LYF Solutions can help with all your copywriting needs

Copywriting Services

Email Writing

Whether you’re launching a new product or service or have an important update to share with your customers, email marketing is still a huge asset for businesses to utilise – in fact, 64% of businesses say they use it.

Standing out in a cluttered inbox is a challenge and our copywriting team can help you do just that. 


Blog posts can span from evergreen content that’ll always be relevant (and help with your website ranking when you answer key questions) to seasonal information.

Our blog writing is designed to be both engaging and support an effective content strategy. We can work with you on single pieces all the way to 12 month blog plans, complete with detailed SEO and keyword research.

Products or Services

There are only so many ways you can talk about puzzles right? In fact, our clever writers can think of several.

No matter if your product is jigsaw puzzles or being in an industry like accounting (sorry accountants) we can make things interesting for you and those reading your numbers (content). See what we did there?

Caption Writing

It can be easy to overlook the shorter pieces of content.

Captions on social posts, social advertising, or Google Ads are just as important to get right as the long-form content is too.

The art of being succinct is a skill worth mastering.

Let LYF Solutions help you with your digital SEO copywriting needs

FAQs for Digital SEO Copywriting

The importance of great content, created by copywriters, has increased the more business takes place in online spaces.

When you have a unique brand voice, it serves two purposes. One is to make your product or service relatable and stand out to your potential customers. The second is that having distinctive and well written content on your website will help increase organic search traffic to your website. The more people that can find your website can help give you that extra advantage.

It’s why investing in SEO copywriting services makes perfect sense for your business.

Copywriting serves to amplify and boost your voice through your written media. When you’ve got a copywriter who understands your business and the goals you’re aiming to achieve, they can help craft your content to reach the people you’re most interested in.

Having engaging content will encourage your readers to stay on your website for longer and take more of an interest in your product or service.

Copywriting can be used across almost any form of written media. While back in the day it was almost exclusively across print media, these days online marketing is king.

Copywriting covers everything from your home page and About Us, to FAQs, product or service descriptions, Google Ads, and email marketing. On top of that, things like captions on social media are another spot that you’ll find copywriters working in.

While you know your brand better than anyone else, copywriters can help translate that knowledge for you into content that’s engaging and serves the needs of your business. Writing good content requires a fine balance between a sprinkle of personality and the technical understanding of SEO algorithms to make copy that shines the right kind of light on your product or service.

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