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Continuity of Care Collaboration – National campaign

Healthcare has been foremost in everyone’s mind this year as COVID developed into a global pandemic from March 2020. With COVID people were asked to stay at home to reduce its impact, it became a concern that people who should be seeing medical professionals for pre-existing and new conditions weren’t and were at risk as a result.

Face to face consultations had dropped 24% in June 2020 compared to the previous year, according to Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), and community members were becoming more at risk at home because of missed appointments, consultations and treatments.

As a result, the Continuity of Care Collaboration (CCC), a unique collaboration between 35 Peak Bodies, Industry and Healthcare Organisations, was formed and LYF Solutions® was tasked by Medicines Australia with creating a landing page as a means of communicating key public health messages nationally.


Every build has its unique tasks, and for this particular project we encountered three key challenges that needed to be navigated to ensure success:

1. Time: One of the overarching challenges was the quick turnaround required. From inception to completion we needed to plan, design, and build the landing page within three days. With such a tight timeframe involved and given the importance of the campaign, we dedicated all our resources to complete the page on time for the national launch of the #DontWaitMate campaign.

2. Reach: The landing page needed to appeal to everyone regardless of demographic. The message needed to be disseminated to all Australians with possible health concerns regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, gender, and economic status. This informed the simplicity of the design and the language that was used to ensure that as many people as possible were engaged.

3. Stakeholder appeal: The Continuity of Care Collaboration is such a groundbreaking group of organisations, acting together for the common good of Australians. The stakeholders consist of a broad collection of organisations and the content needed to be effective while at the same time appealing to everyone involved in the collaboration.


The messaging on the site was kept simple and to the point. The premise behind the CCC and #DontWaitMate campaign was broken down into easily digestible points so that anybody interacting with the page would receive clear messages.

Call to actions were inserted in every section encouraging people to not only look after their own health but to become part of collective community action by spreading the message and encouraging others to seek help when needed.

Watch the video to see the landing page in action:

Visit the Continuity of Care Collaboration website


“I attempted to build the Continuity Of Care website myself using off-shelf products accessible online, however after many failed attempts due to their inability to provide the tools and functionality required, I reached out to LYF Solutions that was recommended by a member of the CCC. The LYF Solutions team were extremely friendly, efficient and very responsive to all my requests- nothing was too much trouble. The team listened to our brief and provided creative ideas to bring our website to life- not to mention in a very short time frame. Most importantly they were always willing to explain, fix and offer solutions promptly. The website exceeded all our expectations. Highly recommended” – Petrina Keogh, Medicines Australia


An important part of any successful campaign is to encourage people to share content with peers to increase the reach of the central message.

To help spread the message that people need to prioritise their health even in the midst of a pandemic there were three key elements:

  • Social media post toolkit: A set of healthcare focused campaign images available to make it easier for people to create meaningful social media posts that reflected the dynamic and messaging of the campaign.
  • Facebook frame: People on the landing page were invited to add the #DontWaitMate Facebook frame to their profile. This was a way for people to support the campaign and a great conversation starter when peers ask about its meaning.
  • Personal stories: People were encouraged to post a personal story on Facebook with the #DontWaitMate hashtag to encourage others to participate and attend to their own healthcare needs. Organisations added to the power of this initiative by sharing essential data, and information through the hashtag to encourage participation in all avenues of healthcare.

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