WordPress.org or WordPress.com

WordPress.org or WordPress.com

WordPress is becoming a phenomenon for website building around the world. However, if you join the trend should you start with WordPress.org or WordPress.com?

Firstly, let’s talk about what each briefly is.

WordPress.org: open source or flexible content management system software that runs on a web host server of your choice.

WordPress.com: network of blogs or sites that runs on WordPress.com’s server.



  • Allows you to download WordPress for free.
  • Host site with own preferred server.
  • Ability to upload more or download greater content.
  • Can upload own or purchased plugins or themes.
  • Flexibility with web design.
  • No extra charge or WordPress ads.


  • WordPress.org is free, however web hosts not.
  • Need to perform own back-ups and server management.
  • WordPress regularly updates, need to ensure updates are performed to avoid bugs or hackers on website.
  • Need to purchase own domain name.



  • Website is free.
  • Website hosted for you.
  • No need to worry about a web host.
  • Can purchase a domain name to point to site.
  • Updates and backups are done for you.


  • Need to pay to remove ads on the website.
  • Cannot alter pages main html or head tag (for coding or developers).
  • Limited number of plugins and themes.
  • Less ability to customise the website.
  • Can’t upload your own or purchased themes or plugins.
  • Less mobile responsiveness with selected themes.
  • WordPress.com has the right to own your content or terminate your website at any time without notice.

Overall, it comes down to what you want from your business. Typically most business owners want to be different. Therefore, the ability to customise your website would draw most towards using WordPress.org over WordPress.com for their WordPress website. As a result, the business owner can maximise their websites exposure by being creative. However, if you are looking for a free website and not needing much customisation or worried about competitor’s ads featuring on your page (unless you pay for an upgraded plan) than WordPress.com might be for you.

The decision is yours.

Tell us how you chose your WordPress option below.

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