Unfollow Or Follow - What You Need To Know About It

Unfollow Or Follow – What You Need To Know About It

why people unfollow you

Social media has opened our lives up to a whole new way of connecting with the brands and people we love, or at least admire at the time. In this month’s blog, we’re taking a look at some top reasons why people unfollow you, nothing personal.

1. You post way too much

You might be passionate about your product and want to spread the message. The problem? Social media isn’t only for a sales pitch. In fact, social networks like Facebook claim they rank this type of hard sell content lower. Social media is a way to connect with people, start a conversation, share a story and mix-up your content. Avoid excessive posting as it will deter people from following your future content.  As a result, some people may unfollow you.

2. You post content that has no interest to me

Getting to know who your audience is, is one of the vital steps you as a business owner can make. Only post content that links in with your target markets interests. Don’t post for the sake of posting. Remember to trial new things and experiment. If it goes well, build on that type of content. If it fails, consider why and begin the cycle of creating quality and relevant social posts again.

3. My circumstances changed

People change. We all live busy lives, and our priorities or how we feel about things can shift over time. When someone dislikes your page and unfollows you, it’s because they are no longer interested, it’s better that they do so. You want real followers after all, not disengaged users.

4. I don’t know how I ever liked your page

This one rings true to those pages that have done like ladders or like generic campaigns. Avoid paying for thousands of likes for $10, capturing fans from like ladders where there is no interest in your product, and running social media ads with no targeted audience decided. You’ll only be wasting your time and consequently money.

5. You post too little

If you’re on social media, take the time to develop a social media strategy and content plan. There’s no point to using social media to post once and not engage with your audience ever again. Remain active. At least post two to three times per week with quality content. If you are unable to focus your time on more than one social network, reconsider the social channels your business is on.

This blog discovered five reasons why people unfollow you. While it’s nothing personal, sometimes as a small business owner, we can control our success or failures on social media. Steer clear of over or under posting, put yourself in your audience shoes and most of all have fun connecting with others on social media.

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