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Ready to get your small business on the web or looking to update your existing presence? We can help you grow.

When it comes to web design, the foundations have not changed. However, with more platforms on the web than ever before, small business owners often feel confused or frustrated with the options to choose from.

We help small business owners navigate the web design space. We specialise in creating websites on WordPress and Squarespace.

Our process to web design differs, in that we are more than a web designer. We first look to understand your business, your goals and your budget, to recommend a suitable solution for you.

Our Do Good Web Design Principles

We take a different approach when it comes to web design. This helps us deliver ethical and green web design that in return drives better results for your small business.

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Accessible Web Development

We develop sites for the purpose of creating intuitive user experiences that all users can enjoy, no matter their background, location or device.

By using this principle we meet W3C guidelines, readability, responsiveness and fairness.

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Sustainable Focus

Every piece of content adds to the carbon footprint of a website. We compress images for the web and optimise them to reduce this impact.

We also take the less is more approach to design. From a technical perspective, we find ways to compress content, combine code and suggest eco-friendly solutions.

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Experiences that deliver results

With our visual hierarchy principles and a greater understanding of your business, we combine user experience, user interface and psychology to deliver a website that is focused on driving conversions for your business.

We also help set up and track key actions across your website, so you can have a greater understanding of how your website is performing.

Browsing a website online and having a good time

Outstanding service and the attention to the details that I required for my website was completed seamlessly.

– Debra J Hicks

The designs were perfect - he captured the brief, and produced clean, beautiful pages with clear CTAs. He also helped with other website issues I was having - he was generous with his time and was quick to respond to any questions that I had. I'll be using LYF Solutions again.

– Lyndsie, Targeted Media Services

What to expect with your small business web design project

Stage 1: We book a consultation in to discuss your needs. Here we aim to further understand your business, what you like and dislike and ensure we are clear on the objectives before we design your new website.

Stage 2: We build your web design for small business in a test environment. Here you can keep an eye on our progress and raise any questions or feedback along the way.

Stage 3: Once you’ve reviewed the website and are happy, we can make the site live. Here you can choose to have your own web host or decide to join our green web host network to make a positive difference.

FAQ on web design

Select a common question from below.
Our team has over 10 years of experience in web design and development. You can see a sample of our recent work on our web design portfolio.

We design websites, as well as code them (often referred to as web development). Our global team are experienced in delivering intuitive experiences that meet your business and target market needs for WordPress and Squarespace.

A web design project timeframe can vary. In most cases, a minimum of four weeks is required for a new web design project. For larger projects, we recommend a minimum of eight weeks.

All of our web design projects include basic search engine optimisation settings.

We recommend that you add keyword research on your project. This detailed process allows us to further understand your business and map out keywords for your content or blogs in the future. It will also increase the chances of you being found online.

Our global team are highly skilled when it comes to web design and development.

Most of our projects are on open content management systems including We also work on, Shopify, Drupal and Squarespace.

We have the expertise and experience in Laravel, Yii, Zend, Magento, OpenCart and customised PHP. However, we recommend these options only for those who have medium to high technical knowledge in these areas.

Green web design is about reducing your carbon footprint. Many people think that going online is clean and better for the environment. However, much of our online web is powered by dirty fossil fuels such as coal.

If we reduce the size of your content and compress it, not only do we reduce the amount of energy needed to load or store the content, but this can also help to save you costs on disk space limits with your web host.

In addition, compressed and smaller content can prevent slow page loads, which can impact on your conversions.

Yes, all our web design projects are optimised for speed. The amount of time it takes for your website to load is a crucial factor in your conversions such as sales and leads.

We only use lightweight plugins, themes and software to ensure your content loads as fast as it can.

It’s worth noting that as you add more content or plugins to a website, you may need to further optimise it. You can always contact us for a quote to review or optimise your website speed.

Yes, you can choose your own web host if you like.

We do recommend (optional) you use our green web host network if you’d like to reduce your carbon footprint further. We have invested in this space to provide our clients with a reliable, secure and environmentally friendly option for their small business. The premium plans also include time each month to update your website, which is key to keep the website up to date and performing.

Yes. We design websites with our Do Good web design principles. That principle includes accessibility, which means you will be able to easily access your content and get full access to make any necessary updates you may need. This access is provided once you have agreed to complete the design project.

For (self-hosted) projects, we often recommend site builders like Elementor Pro, so you can make edits without needing to know complex code. You can also easily add additional features in. We work with a range of other site builders too such as WPBakery Page BuilderGutenberg and Divi to name a few.

We update existing websites usually by copying them to what we call a staging environment. This helps to reduce any bugs or errors on your existing website. Once the project is complete, we can move the staging site for you to your chosen web host or provider.

Yes. Our Do Good principle of Accessible Web Design means we only build responsive web design projects.

Given that more people are shifting to mobile, it makes little sense for us to recommend to small businesses to have a website that is not device friendly. By using responsive design, you can ensure your website will deliver the best experience for users, helping to drive more conversions for your business.

Yes, you can choose another web developer if you like. Our team can design your new website using Photoshop and your web developer can then take this web design to code it into your website.

We do recommend you get a quote from us though, and bear in mind that we cannot do all of our Do Good Web Design principles alone with a static design.

Yes, we can convert a web design file and code this into a website for you. Please remember to let us know up front that this is what you’d like to do, so we can quote you with the right amount.

A website cost will depend on what your requirements are. For example, what platform the website will be built on, how many pages there are, whether we need to write copy for you, source imagery or if you provide it etc.

Typically your budget will need to be a minimum based on these platforms:

  • (self-hosted): Minimum $3500 budget
  • (self-hosted) eCommerce: Minimum $5500 budget
  • Squarespace: Minimum $2400 budget
  • Shopify: Minimum $2500 budget

Note the above prices are a guide for minimal budgets. Your actual quote may be more or change depending on what you need. We will always quote you for a job first and not start work until the quote is approved by you and deposit made for the project.

These figures have been updated for January 2021.

No, and that’s because we have over 10 years of experience in designing and creating websites. We also work collaboratively with you to deliver your web design project.

There are many hours which go into quality web design and development. These hours are not free.

We will always listen to your requirements based on the web brief and communications we have with you. Our team usually design the site first, before developing it, so we can minimise the number of revisions for you in this process.

If the site presents any errors after the project was completed within 6 months, we will happily fix these errors as long as they are not from misuse. If the error is from misuse on your side but does not take an extensive amount of time to fix, we’ll also look to resolve smaller issues for you. This is at our discretion.

We are a full service ethical digital marketing firm, with years of experience in a range of areas for your online needs.

If you ever need a quote, you can contact our sales team.

For those clients who choose to host with us, they can also contact our 24/7 green web host support team for technical hosting matters.

Talk to us about your project

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For new websites Squrespace $2700 minimum, WordPress $3500 minimum required. For existing websites, will depend on requirements.
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