What is an SSL certificate?

Does your website have an SSL certificate? Do you even know what that is? If you don’t have an SSL certificate it can be compromising your customers, especially if you are selling items or collecting personal data. It can also be affecting your bottom line, consumers are savvy and won’t do business with sites that are not HTTPS secure.

Your guide to an SSL Certificate

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it allows your customers to interact with your website without being concerned their information, such as credit card details or contact information, will be intercepted by a third-party.

An SSL certificate protects both you and your visitors and tells first time visitors that your site is safe to interact with. Whenever a visitor interacts with a HTTPS site a secure connection is created between the websites server and the customer’s web browser so that information can be exchanged without interference.

Note: Any website can be the target of hackers, no website is too small to have effective security measures like an SSL certificate installed.

What are the benefits of HTTPS SSL?

HTTPS security for your website online

When you see HTTPS before a web address it signifies that an SSL certificate protects the website. Another indicator is a lock image in the location bar of your browser. Let’s break down the benefits of SSL to get a closer look at why you should have it on your website:

Information is encrypted

This ensures that information being exchanged can only be read by the people that it is meant for. An SSL certificate randomly inserts characters into the original data and it can only be deciphered using the correct encryption key.

Offers authentication

It is crucial that your website’s information travels to the right server free of interference. When you secure an SSL certificate you are also given a server certificate that validates that the provided SSL certificate is authentic and issued by a trusted provider.

Required for compliance

To be able to accept credit card payments on your site you need to comply with the Payment Card Industry requirement that an online business must have an SSL certificate with the correct encryption of a minimum 128 bit.

Without this, you cannot accept credit card details severely limiting your payment options for goods/services.

A workaround for this is to use a trusted online store or shopping card program that has a secure payment system that is built in.

Helps generate customer trust

Develop returning customers by ensuring that your website looks after their interests. When customers know that their information is secure when used on your website they will come back and recommend you to their peers.

Increases your search engine rank with Google

Since 2014, Google has ranked websites with installed SSL certificates higher than those without. In addition, Google Chrome has announced from July 2018 that it will start to show all HTTP sites as not secure, regardless if you are an eCommerce or data collecting site.

Passwords are protected

Lock up your site and make it impossible for hackers to access either the front or the back. SSL protects your passwords including member pages, and administrator logins for WordPress and Joomla.

Web forms are secure

You may not be taking payments online but are you collecting personal information from visitors? If the answer is yes, an SSL certificate will ensure that submitted information is not intercepted.


Ready to secure your site with an SSL certificate?

Having the most secure website possible is really a must not an option. With the increasing issues with cyber-attacks, everyone is at risk regardless of the size of your business.

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