WordPress Directory Safety – A Quick Security Check

WordPress security is an important topic that every business owner must know about.  More than 80% of websites use WordPress. If you have a self-hosted WordPress website, ensuring the safety of the site works and is secure is important. Protecting your business means being adept with WordPress security best practices.

Read on and find out about simple WordPress security tips to help secure your WordPress directory .

Quick security hack: Ensure your WordPress directory is safe

It’s easy to miss, especially when starting out.

The WordPress directory can be exposed to the public, meaning hackers can attempt to enter and copy your files. This could be private information or files being left wide open for the taking.

To check if your site is vulnerable enter (yourdomain)/wp-content into your browser.

For example, it would be www.LYFsolutions.com.au/wp-content for this website. From our result, you’ll see a blank white page. However, if you can see a directory or tree-like structure on your website, your WordPress directory is public.

How to fix a public WordPress directory

It’s easier than you think. Follow this video for more.

If you need help or want a WordPress security audit, contact us.  Remember it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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