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Is WordPress the right tool for my business?

Once you decide to create a website to promote your small business the next challenge is to determine which site builder to use. WordPress is one of the most common options out there, but is it the right tool to use?

There are a number of options that you can go with and today we want to look at WordPress as a flexible content management system that can be adapted to suit most people’s needs.

Pros and cons of WordPress

WordPress pros and cons - LYF Solutions

WordPress is a powerful resource. Did you know that 28% of the Internet use WordPress to manage their websites, from personal bloggers to Forbes 500 companies? The advantages and disadvantages of WordPress include:


  • WordPress is free to download and update. It’s open source and constantly improving;
  • Used by people of various levels of competence once the website is created;
  • People with some prior knowledge should be able to navigate the backend (site builder);
  • Flexible for a range of sites– from blogging to eCommerce;
  • Easy to crawl for search engines – so they can find your website;
  • Secure with constant updates to address emerging security threats – read our blog 8 ways to secure your WordPress website;
  • Thousands of available plugins and themes make it simple to create the ideal site for your small business;
  • Monetise your website with free eCommerce solutions;
  • Easy to customise with site builders like Elementor Pro.


  • Customising themes and plugins may need the help of a web developer;
  • Regular updates need to be installed to ensure site is secure;
  • Plugins and themes can conflict with each other causing issues with website, a local developer may be required to fix;
  • Some concern over security because of open source code – this can be overcome with plugins or security solutions.

Self-hosted WordPress

It can be confusing knowing which one to choose when you consider that there are two versions of WordPress. One of the key differences is that at WordPress.org you have to start by registering a domain name, finding a web host to get on the web and then download the tool.

On WordPress.com you register for an already hosted website, this means that the domain name and hosting is included with the website. You receive a generic web address, but need to pay if you want a custom one. The options range from free to business and features depend on the plan that you choose.

Get Started: Green Web Hosting

Here are some other things to consider:


  • The WordPress CMS (content management system) is free to download and use;
  • You are in control of your website – content, updating and even expanding ;
  • Over 45,000 plugins are available to use – both free and paid;
  • Upload custom themes that you can modify to suit your brand;
  • Track visitors and actions via custom analytics;
  • Create income with ads – yours or perhaps affiliate sites.


  • Already hosted online for you;
  • WordPress ads are on free websites – you can upgrade to have them removed;
  • Limited plugins are allowed unless you upgrade your plan;
  • Limited custom themes available;
  • Free up until 3GB – additional space can be purchased;
  • Ideal for beginners with simple needs.

Have a read of our blog WordPress.org or WordPress.com for more information on the difference between the two.

Other website builders

Website builder small business - LYF Solutions

WordPress is one of many website builders. If it’s important that you own your website or are able to customise it to suit your business, then it makes sense to choose the self-hosted WordPress.org option. This is because other site builders like WordPress.com, Weebly and Wix may be simple to use but have some cons and limits. For example, if you create a site on a free site builder like Wix and decide you want to upgrade your site and go elsewhere, your site is not owned by you and can’t be transferred.

Get started

If you would like to know more about WordPress and whether it is the right tool for your business, contact us at LYF solutions. We can help you get started and take the lingo and complexity out of building a website.


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