Security On Your Website - A Google Update on SSL 3.0

Security On Your Website – A Google Update on SSL 3.0

Google has recently reported a security vulnerability with the SSL version 3.0.We’re happy to say our team was notified of this security vulnerability before the announcement was made public and we have made the necessary changes to disable access for SSL 3.0 to secure our server. Unlike the HeartBleed security issues, this change will have no impact on most of our clients and will help secure their websites. 

Microsoft is giving guidelines on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 3.0 due to a flaw that might pose a risk to website owners.  This includes how to disable SSL 3.0 for people with Azure websites and Exchange Servers.

Is Your Website Secure? – Read on for security updates.

SSL 3.0 is used to secure web traffic. It’s an encryption standard that uses an HTTPS method.  However it has a flaw that might allow hackers to decrypt information.  Google’s announcement will help inform businesses to be on alert to ensure their website is safeguarded at all times.  Security should be your priority with your website, as this is vital for every online business.

If you are using an outdated browser such as Internet Explorer 6, you will be unable to connect securely to your account panel and to our website. To fix this, update your web browser to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. These browsers use advanced features called TLS. The TLS features automatic updates, preventing you from a security risk.

For Firefox Users:

SSL Version 3.0 will be disabled on November 25. However, You can download a plugin that will allow you to set the minimum SSL version.

For Internet Explorer Users (we do not recommend IE):

Go to Settings -> Internet Options -> Advanced Tab -> Uncheck SSLv3 under Security.

Secure your website and learn more about this security issue by reading Google’s report here

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