Shaping University students with real LYF marketing skills

Many students from universities these days are finding it a constant struggle to get work in their field of interest due to employers wanting candidates with experience. Working with Content Savvy® as part of our Together partnership, we help offer university students practical skills and training to suit their career pathway in digital marketing.

Our digital marketing internship in Australia provides students with the ability to gain real-life client experience. We shape the intern’s hours based on their level of interest. If a student is interested in a particular area of marketing, we will create a training and development plan that gives them these skills.

Students are rewarded with experience and training to use in their chosen career prospects, can receive a reference from the program, and are given paid client work opportunities.

In this article, we hear from two of our recent students, Maddison Carroll from RMIT University in Melbourne and Gabriella Abbruzzo from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Maddison Carroll from RMIT University shares her experience

Maddison Carroll marketing intern for together partnership shaping uni students

Beginning my final year at RMIT University was more than daunting. Assignments on the horizon, working part-time where possible, few career opportunities, and the expectation to secure an internship within months all looming over me.

Juggling all of that is nothing new to university students but following the COVID- 19 pandemic all the exciting prospects of entering the industry that balance it all out suddenly disappeared.

The perfect first internship for final year students

As part of my communications (public relations) degree, it was my responsibility to secure an internship by the middle of March in order to complete one of my classes.

My day-to-day was scanning any and all career websites, asking friends, and RMIT’s jobs board. Just when I started to give up there it was, ‘Content Savvy & LYF Solutions® Internship’.

This position was perfect for me, LYF Solutions®; a company committed to strong ethos around sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, and Content Savvy®; working with clients from some of my favourite industries- bridal, wellness, and pets! I immediately got to writing my cover letter and resume.

As fate would have it a week later my interview was underway. I immediately felt the warmth from the business founders Ray and Cat even over Zoom, their genuine interest in me and catering the internship to suit shone through from start to finish.

After finding out I was successful I quickly settled in my position. Using Asana, I was assigned tasks each week following training sessions and catch-ups over Zoom and phone.

From the beginning, I felt supported through the whole process, any questions I had were answered with ease using Whatsapp and Zoom.

When undertaking tasks Ray had a hands-on approach, I was trained by him in our weekly sessions and he provided me an abundance of sources externally and from the LYF Learn Hub.

This really made me realise how different this experience was, although I was being given lots of work, I also got the opportunity to expand my skills and put them into practice.

Ideas That Are Supported, Encouraged, and Implemented

Throughout the experience, I was always encouraged by Cat and Ray to be creative; my ideas were supported, developed, and implemented at every opportunity which made me feel like a true part of the team.

One of the primary goals of my internship was to build my career confidence, after my time at Content Savvy® and LYF Solutions® I have a sense of my professional indemnity and feel ready to take on anything that comes my way in the industry.

Although my degree specialised in public relations, interning with Ray opened up a plethora of opportunities to learn about SEO, site auditing, meta titles, meta descriptions and even keyword research.

Moreover, looking behind the curtain to see how to execute client work from start to finish gave me an understanding of the process I hadn’t witnessed before.

A Fantastic Opportunity for Students

Overall, this internship equipped me with new skills in digital marketing, writing, client relations, and graphic design (thanks to Ally their graphic designer) that I can now confidently bring to new roles and stand out when I do enter the industry full time.

I would like to thank Cat and Ray and the rest of the team at LYF Solutions® and Content Savvy® for making the first internship one I’ll always remember and recommend to other students or graduates looking for an internship.

Moreover, I was lucky to land an opportunity to work with LYF in the search engine optimisation and audit side of their business.

University of Technology Sydney Student Gabriella reflects on her internship

Career Uncertainty? Intern with LYF Solutions!

Gabriella Abbruzzo marketing intern at LYF Solutions and Content Savvy

As I neared the end of my tertiary education, completing a Bachelor of Communication (Public Communication) at UTS, it was important to seek industry experience that would allow me to put theory into practice.

As I was yet to gain professional experience, my career direction was still uncertain, although I knew I had a particular interest in the area of marketing and research.

Fortunately, an opportunity was presented to me to intern at LYF Solutions® over a period of a few months in the position of a Marketing Intern.

As this experience has now reached its end, I can confidently say it has equipped me with the skills and motivation to continue pursuing a career within this industry.

During this time, I was given the opportunity to expand my prior knowledge and challenge myself with new tasks that would help me learn.

My tasks were varied, which encouraged a well-rounded understanding to help consider what areas of work I was most passionate about.

Helping to build intern’s skills and creativity

Starting out with mainly content creation for social media channels along with writing its copy, these activities invited creativity, which I enjoy but often struggle to execute.

With the given prospect to continue developing content that would be used, my confidence in this area grew with appraisal as did my ability to use the program Canva.

The chance to help out with Content Savvy® was also well appreciated as I got to explore more features of content creation and how it can be applied via numerous platforms, as well as methods to drive engagement further.

Alongside this work, I was required to complete elements of research to expand my knowledge on areas that would be of the topic.

Of most importance was understanding the web hosting market so I could apply that theory to the eventual development of a campaign for LYF Solutions’ Green Web Hosting plans.

I found the whole process very interesting as I learned about the market and competitors within that. Additionally, I was able to grasp the process of executing a campaign through its research phases of defining the market and its needs toward reaching a final product that would satisfy the goal.

The products included social media posts and corresponding copy, as well as the development of a written sales toolkit that could be used via phone and email.

An enlightening and positive journey for all interns

This experience has definitely taught me more about the industry and provided me with direct skills that can be transferred into future practice within digital and social media marketing.

Not only did this opportunity offer practical experience, but also enlightened me on the direction I want to take moving further in my career and how I respond to work and managing tasks.

Though it was only for a short period, my time at LYF Solutions® was very beneficial as a graduating university student. The team between LYF Solutions® and Content Savvy® were very welcoming and easy to get along with, which made this journey very enjoyable and comfortable.

Having weekly catchups with Ray improved the situation of working remotely as I was guided through my tasks and was presented constructive criticism that would improve my work.

Thank you heaps for giving me the chance to develop theory and practice this in a professional work environment!

Apply for our intern program

As part of the Together partnership, LYF Solutions® and Content Savvy provide two students a year with the opportunity to be part of this program. To express interest or apply, please contact us via email with your resume and cover letter telling us why we should choose you as part of this unique digital marketing internship.


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