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Marketing is a lot like love

Believe it or not, love and marketing have a lot in common. Whether your brand sells products or provides a service, relationship building is everything for your key to success. Marketing is a lot like love.

The traditional sales funnel

Many business owners and marketers would have come across something called the pyramid sales funnel. Whenever we talk about marketing goals and how we go about making a sale, we often use this model. But the common trap is we forget who we are marketing to. By following a rigid shape, we come to think marketing is a simple straightforward process. You may have even heard of the word “simple” from a marketer themselves, that’s marketing in disguise too.

LYF Solutions - traditional sales funnel

The traditional sales funnel.

The new sales funnel – the love funnel

Building a relationship with your audience is no doubt the best way to market to them.

The love funnel changes the way we think about marketing activities and the goal of making a sale. As it’s the shape of a love heart, it’s less rigid. And as a result, the love funnel allows you to think on a more human and personal level. Using this as a guide, you can break down the fundamental steps you need to take to be noticed, considered for a purchase or that end goal, a sale or lead.

The love sales funnel marketing

The different levels of a love funnel

1. Get my attention

Like the law of attraction, you need to get the attention of your audience to start anywhere. This is an awareness piece where you share key messages with your audience. These are usually broader messages that align with your values and beliefs. Think as an example, a cosmetics line. They may push a message that conveys the meaning that they “believe in making people belong”. The company is appealing to the individual psychological traits, rather than going outright and saying “Oh hey! We’re a great company and sell good quality cosmetics”. You wouldn’t introduce yourself to a random stranger like this, so it’s best not to jump straight down your audience with a similar message unless there is history with them.

2. Flirt a little

Sending out messages to your prospect or customers is a great way to get them to not only notice you but consider or remember you too. With so many marketing messages out there, it’s difficult for individuals to keep up and remember them all.

If you plan to flirt with your audience, you need to know what makes them tick. For example, what makes them laugh? Is humour even likely to be enjoyed by them? Look at it this way. If you were a florist sending out a message on Social Media, you might want to send a message that attracts your target audience to your company. Let’s say your audience are young females, you might use attractive male imagery that moves in a fun and interactive way. The images help to reel the user in and apply the message of “love at first sight”. Note at this stage the image would not feature any direct product or buy messages. It would be general. Simply to get the audience to stop in their browsing experience and notice you some more.

This stage of the love funnel often repeats. Think of it like trying to ask someone new out for a date, it takes time to get noticed.

It is likely that for this part, your content or posts will want to drive engagement e.g. a like, share or comment from the audience. In traditional media (newspapers etc.), the equivalent would be to make the message compelling enough it’s too good not to read the story.

3. Ask me out

Once you’ve got your audience’s attention, you can now try and ask them out for a date. This is the make it or break it moment.

At this stage, you are gauging to see if your target market ‘want in’ to your product or service. You could begin the conversation with a special offer or simply give them the chance to buy from you. Ensure your website and any other tool is ready for it. First impressions count.

As this audience already knows who you are, they’re more likely to respond well to your messages. You seem more like a friend, rather than a foe.

And don’t worry, if at first, you don’t succeed, this doesn’t mean you can’t ask them out again. You have greater permission to send messages to them. That said, don’t bombard them with too much, they’ll get annoyed or lose interest fast. Or in relationship terms, they’ll get creeped out. It’s already troubling that almost 30% of Australian consumers use ad blockers according to a recent IAB study. The more we annoy audiences, the less we have to target to.

4. Get the first kiss

Once you’ve had that all important date, now is the chance for you to score a lead or sale.

Perhaps, you were too good already, that your first date gave you a conversion. If not, you can always try again.

In this step, you are more likely to use methods like remarketing. Here you could send a message or advert to those who responded well to your previous communication or posts. For example, a stationary business offered 20% off their premium diary range. A woman was ready to buy, and added the item to her cart – but sadly never checked out. You’re the friend that sends a gentle reminder. As the stationary business owner, you send an email to the customer or Facebook targeted post saying something along the lines of “Hey (Erin), We wanted to help you out. Looks like your getting organised goals for this year were on track to be ticked off, but your cart did not meet the checkout. Can we help you out?”

The key to any good marketing activity is to understand you’re dealing with real people. It takes two to tango. Relationships can take time. Building them at the different stages is your key to success, along with managing them in the future.


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