How to verify your Facebook busines page - Facebook page verification

How to verify your Facebook business page

Facebook has introduced a new way for business pages to boost their ranking and build credibility with their users, with page verification.

In this blog post, we give you a guide on how to get your Facebook business page verified including recent changes on verification requirements.

Is my Facebook business page eligible?

In October 2019, Facebook announced that the page verification (grey badge) would be turned off for all pages.

Facebook verify my page

This meant that the only page verification left is the blue badge tick.

Facebook has advised that it follows a number of factors to award a page with this tick. Note, Facebook will award a badge to one unique page only for that business or organisation.

Facebook blue badge added verification requirements

Jacina Ardern Facebook page verified with blue tick

Note: Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern’s Facebook page has a blue tick verification.


  • Your account must represent a real person or organisation.
  • Your page must not be general in nature e.g. page posting memes or non-unique content.
  • The page must include information in the about section, a profile photo and at least one post.
  • Your account must represent a well known or searched person, brand or entity.

If you mislead Facebook with any of this information, you may have the badge removed, and in some instances your account deleted.

You should only submit a request to Facebook if you meet these criteria.

How to verify your Facebook business page?

You can request verification from Facebook by filling in this contact form. This can also be done for profiles now.

Note, we encourage you to read the requirements mentioned above in this post as it will save you time and hassle.

You will also need to do the following:

  • You’ll need a copy of your official government-issued photo ID e.g. passport, drivers licence or national identity card if your account or page represents a person.
  • You’ll need a copy of a phone or utility bill, business certification or verification or tax exemption documents if you represent an organisation.
  • All requests need to include a reason why the account should receive the blue badge verification based on the criteria (include URLs/evidence to this effect).

What if Facebook denies my request for a blue badge verification?

If your request was denied to verify your Facebook business page, you can submit a new request using the contact form after 30 days.

Particularly take note that Facebook will only award these badges to brands, organisations or people that are well known, whereas before this process was wider.

During COVID-19 Facebook has mentioned they have fewer resources, meaning it may take longer for your application process.

Additional requirements for government and law enforcement

If you represent a law enforcement agency, government, politician or an elected official, there are some additional terms you’ll need to meet.

Law enforcement:

Government departments or officials:

  • The page name needs to include the word “Government”.


  • The page name can include a government title or abbreviation e.g. MP for Member of Parliament, Senator, Mayor, Cr or Councillor.
  • The page name cannot include “For Parliament” or “For your (Country)” or similar.
  • Page category needs to be set to “Politician”.

Senator Jacqui Lambie also features the Facebook Business page verification tick

Australian Tasmania Senator Jacqui Lambie features the term “Senator” at the start of her Facebook page name.


Elected official:

  • The page name must include a government title or abbreviation, similar to political requirement.
  • The page category needs to bet to “Government Official”.
  • The page About section must clearly state that the page is a government page.

How can I appear as a trusted page if I don’t meet the criteria?

The blue badge verification process was changed to tighten the number of people who could use it.

Facebook made these changes as the previous page verification process allowed for less genuine people and business owners to appear verified.

The best way to appear trusted and be trustworthy is to ensure you are displaying correct information about your or your organisation.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Include information in the About me section.
  • Add your products or services to your Facebook information.
  • Post relevant and high-quality content on your Facebook page.
  • Don’t use a personal Facebook profile page primarily for business purposes, as it’s against the terms of use.
  • Add location-specific information if applicable.
  • Consider promoting your content to reach a wider audience and grow your audience.
  • Mention key contact information and share social proof with your audience e.g. customer photos, videos or testimonials.

How did you go?

Given the wider requirements (see Facebook for up to date help information), many small business owners are not as keen to apply for the badge unless they have evidence to show that a similar brand is trying to pose as them, or there is a valid reason to have a blue badge certification.

At LYF Solutions® our business is mainly Australian and given there is no known benefit to having a blue badge from a reach perspective, we have decided not to add to Facebook’s workload at this time.


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