Green Web Hosting - We'll Measure + Tell You Your Carbon Footprint too!

Green Web Hosting

You may not realise it, but your internet usage has a dark secret

Around 300 million tonnes of CO2 each year for global internet usage.

Every email you send can add to your footprint.

2% of global carbon emissions come from the internet.

The average website on our Green Web Host Network in 2021 contributed to 213kg C02 alone! According to the EPA that equates to more than 25,000 smartphones being charged or more than 850km driven in a petrol car.

The good news is, you can do better and we are here to make that happen.

Eco Friendly Trusted Hosting to protect
what matters most

We partner with the best expertise and knowhow to deliver green web hosting in Australia that will keep your site secure and online.

24/7 technical support that
speaks your language

Our 24/7 phone and online support team speak your language. We break down the lingo and make things easier for you and your business.

A Managed Service Partner
to give you more time back

We can manage your website for you, so you
can focus on growing and developing your small business.

As a carbon neutral operation ourselves, we are driven to provide small businesses with opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint. Green web hosting is a great way for small businesses to ensure a professional online presence while also doing good for the environment.

Through our partnership with Green Web Foundation and Carbon Neutral we help offset client carbon emissions to reduce their impact on the planet. We also partner with 1% for the Planet to commit and share 1% of our revenue to environmental causes.

We are the first and only web hosting provider in Australia to provide our clients with an estimated carbon footprint report. We also let our clients vote collectively on which offset program we should support.

Carbon neutral web hosting turn emissions into trees - Good for the planet 1% for the planet member LYF Solutions

When you choose to host your website with LYF Solutions® shared Green Web Host Network, you will have 24/7 technical support over the phone and online.

Plus manage your account anytime using the 24/7 self-service GROW dashboard, where you can update your contact details, change your hosting plan, add spam protection for emails, buy or renew a domain name and much more.

What people say about our green web hosting

"I decided to switch my hosting to LYF Solutions for several reasons; I wanted a local provider with personal support, as well as a more reliable and responsible hosting solution. In particular, it was important to me to partner with a company that respects the environment and is doing their part to make a difference in the world. I am extremely happy with LYF Solutions on all those levels - I know that there’s someone on the other end of the phone who knows my business and is interested in helping me grow."

Leah, Queen of Snow Globes

Leah, Queen of Snow Globes

LYF implements its ethical core values in all aspects of its business, which is why many environmentally conscious clients opt to use the company for all of their needs — from hosting and web design to digital marketing. Those core values include creativity, simplicity, understanding client needs, and a passion for the company's work and mission.

Sean Garrity, HostingAdvice

Sean Garrity, HostingAdvice

Our Green Web Hosting Packages

Here are the green web hosting packages offered by LYF Solutions®.

If you use WordPress, we recommend our Grow or Achieve plan. These include over $2000 worth of yearly value in WordPress management and security features from global trusted partners.

You can explore the plans also on our Green Web Hosting site known as the GROW dashboard or by getting in touch with us.

Choose the right green web hosting plan
for your business

Get One Month Free on our Monthly Plans.

Use code: MONTHFREE at checkout.

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Offer excludes paid service hour web development and digital marketing time. Plugins and theme updates are included. New plans only.

Feature Start Up Grow Achieve






Disk space

10GB SSD Storage

20GB SSD Storage

50GB SSD Storage

R1 Back-Up Storage









Free Comodo SSL Certificate: website security certificate.



Premium Paid Certificate

Sucuri Firewall: block unwanted guests and a layer of protection from hackers.



Sucuri Website Monitoring: checks site is online and if blacklisted by virus check sites.



Sucuri Server Side Scanner



iThemes security Pro: advanced protection and monitoring for your WordPress website.



Malware protection and removal




Daily Back-Ups




Sucuri Speed Optimiser



Sucuri Content Delivery Network: speeds your site up by connecting your visitor to their closest server.




24/7 phone support




24/7 online ticket support




Manage your account online with self-service dashboard GROW





Uptime monitoring



WordPress plugins updated by us manually




WordPress themes updated by us manually



Website updates or Development

1 hour
+ Discounted Bonus Hours

3 hours
+ Discounted Bonus Hours

Elementor Pro




Pro Themes by Astra and ThemeGrill



Schema Pro




cPanel access




Add on domains




Paid Domain on most extensions

One domain

Access to hundreds of apps via Softaculous




Virus Scanner via cPanel





99.99% Uptime




Advanced Antivirus and Antispam Protection with SpamExperts




Professional email: you can add additional users for an added cost.

1 user

5 users

10 users

Email Storage: based on total of all users.




Secure + Encrypted Email with IMAP, POP3 AND SMTP options




Active Sync: syncs your mail with your mobile device.




Calendar access from mobile devices





Monthly Report for Google Analytics + Social Media channels


Y - with analysis and recommendations


Note: for services which are paid plugins or themes and there is no licence provided to us or on the website, you will be required to provide a current licence so we can update the plugin or theme based on your plan. Hours for web development, digital marketing or web updates will accumulate each month. After 12 months each hour accumulated will expire. These hours are not refundable and cannot be exchanged. To request a website update, digital marketing or development service or to use these hours, raise a ticket with the digital sales, service and billing team or email them directly. Your task will be scheduled as a priority where possible. Terms of Service, Conditions and our Privacy Policy apply to this service and others provided by LYF Solutions® and its green web hosting products, partners and plans. Hours or work outside of your plan will be advised and quoted. Additional service hours can be purchased.

Need to switch from an existing web host?

We can migrate your website and files for free!

As long as you can provide our team access to cPanel, FTP , Plesk or similar we should be able to migrate your files and transfer you to our green web host network.

You can host as many websites or files, so long as you meet the plan and disk space requirements.

Not sure? Contact our sales team today.

How we reduce your carbon footprint

Estimating how much carbon your website produces is a complex task.

We decided to calculate emissions using the highest range in the data. That means, we likely offset your emissions beyond what you have produced each year.

For us, it means that we go above and beyond to deliver on our green web hosting promise.

Working with The Green Web Foundation, we offset the emissions for every website we host (including our own). To date, we have planted over 1,167 native trees and shrubs in Australia with our partner Carbon Neutral. We plan to increase this each year as we grow with our clients. For 2021, we offset 17 tonnes of C02 for our network in addition to this tree planting.

Our datacentres and upstream providers use cloud technology to reduce their emissions. Our upstream provider commits to using more renewable energy in the future, and for now, we’ll reduce emissions through our partnerships even if renewable energy is used by the national grid over time.

Through our partnerships, we helped secure 6 hectares of land to protect vital species and habitat. Since 2012, we adopted an orangutan through The Orangutan Project and a koala from The Australian Koala Foundation. Our commitment in 2019 for 1% for the Planet, took us one step further.

We limit disk space for our clients so we can educate them about how their usage contributes to greater carbon emissions. Instead of turning off their site for going over their allocated amount, we reach out to them and educate them on ways they can reduce their footprint further.


Select a common question we get asked from below.

Green Web Hosting also known as eco friendly web hosting describes a service that offsets (or reduces) emissions generated from web hosting services. Thus, it’s seen as better for the environment.

A typical web host provider may power your website with a datacentre that is powered using coal or fossil fuels. This happens because much of our national energy grid is powered by energy that emits carbon dioxide into our atmosphere.

Until national energy grids around the world use renewable energy, your website is likely contributing to the problem. Our estimation is that the average website generates about 299 kilowatts of energy per year. Whilst that may not sound a lot, over a lifetime it can add up. And if you consider how many businesses are on the web, it’s a growing problem.

You may be wondering what disk space and bandwidth actually are? We’ll try and break this information down as best as we can.

Disk space: In web hosting disk space is the amount of room your files have on the server. For example, website content, images, videos and emails can all add to this space. We measure this based on the megabytes each file or content item makes up. A megabyte in simple terms is a unit of computer code.

Your plans are stated in gigabytes. A gigabyte is equal to 1,000 megabytes. The more disk space you use, the greater your carbon footprint. The reason being the datacentre needs more energy to store your information and process it.

Bandwidth: This is how much data can transfer from the server to your user. This analogy of a pipe letting water through is a good example. The longer the pipe (bandwidth), the more water (data) can pass through. Essentially, if you have more bandwidth, it means your website can still load fast enough even if a large amount of traffic (known as a peak) hit the website. Otherwise, what the server tries to do is slow down the transfer, meaning the website can become slower to load.

What about unlimited providers?

It’s best to avoid web hosts that offer “unlimited” disk space and bandwidth. This is because this is misleading in the fact that there are limits, but they may be hidden in the host’s terms and conditions, or worse not provided to you.

We provide limits on all our hosting plans. However, we don’t suspend or terminate your website for going over your usage. A transparent $2.00 per GB charge is applied for every GB over your hosting plan. This covers the cost to store the additional information and to monitor emissions generated when you add more memory to servers and datacentres to store that data.

Email Plus plans work differently from this and require a plan upgrade.

We have three packages as part of our Managed Green Web Hosting plans.

The Start Up plan is ideal for those who want to get online. It is suitable for WordPress websites as well as other platforms or custom coded applications. A small business that does not create a lot of content would likely be okay with this plan.

Our Grow plan is designed for those business owners who do add content to their website on a monthly or yearly basis. This plan is great for those who have a blog and who plan to regularly update their website. The plan is also great for those with eCommerce as it adds extra layers of protection to your website including from Sucuri and iThemes Security Pro.

The Achieve plan is the ultimate small business green web hosting plan. We recommend this to business owners who regularly update their website each month and who get more than 10,000 sessions to their website each month. This plan also gives you peace of mind with malware protection and removal. Unlike our other plans, you won’t pay for malware removal. Malware can come from outdated scripts, hackers or other sources.

If your business has a global presence, we recommend our Grow and Achieve plan as you’ll benefit from the Sucuri Content Delivery Network. That helps to speed up your website load time for customer’s visiting your site from another country.

For plans that need more disk space or to discuss dedicated servers please contact our sales team for custom hosting solutions.

Yes, you should be able to transfer your web hosting to our green web host network.

If you have cPanel or Plesk access this makes the transfer relatively easier for our 24/7 green web host support team.

Otherwise, other alternate options we can ask for is to obtain a backup of your website from your current provider or what we call FTP access.

Contact our sales team to learn more about this or to see what may apply to you.

If our 24/7 green web host support team can access your website host files from a cPanel, Plesk or backup file, we won’t charge you for the migration in 99% of cases.

There are times where we come across web host environments that may be outdated to the point that if we moved your site over, there may be more work for us to fix the site or its errors. In this scenario, our team will let you know and provide a quote to make the switch.

Unlike some other providers, we have invested in putting the right procedures, protocols and systems in place to minimise disruption to your business.

Our 24/7 green web host support team monitor the server every hour of the day and receive alerts if there are issues arising before they impact you. We maintain 99% up-time, which essentially means we have kept our sites online for as long as we’ve been around.

Often if a site goes down, it is not related to the server. For example, WordPress sites can come down due to a plugin conflict. Or another common issue is if you have been blocked by the server firewall. This happens because you have failed to login multiple times and the server considers you as an unwanted guest. If this was to occur, you could speak to our 24/7 green web host support team at any time.

Yes, you can. Our email hosting powered by Axigen is separate to your green web hosting which means your storage limits on your email will not interfere with your green web hosting services.

See ‘Email’ above for further information on each of our plans.

Why is my email separate from my hosting?

Email is a vital component for businesses and that’s why we have chosen to partner with a dedicated expert in this space to provide reliable, trusted and high-value email hosting solutions.

The Grow or Achieve plans are premium managed plans for small business owners. They include features like iThemes Security Pro and Sucuri firewall and monitoring (valued over $2,000 annually if purchased separately). In addition, the managed services save you time, hassle and money.

Our Grow and Achieve plan also include 10GB worth of space for each user email account compared to 5GB for the Start Up plan.

For a full breakdown, see the plan information located on this page above.

Yes, we can host a range of website platforms and applications.

For example, other common ones include Drupal and Joomla.

Please note: platforms like Wix, Weebly, Shopify and Squarespace cannot be hosted by us. These platforms host the sites you create on their own servers and do not allow you to choose another web host except for your domain or email needs.

WordPress specific benefits or programs cannot be used on non-WordPress websites.

Yes. You can do this yourself in your 24/7 GROW dashboard. Or you can contact our sales team who can help you.

As long as you stick with us, you won’t be charged a termination fee.

Our sales team may also reach out to you to discuss other plans if we find you are growing more than your plan limits. These limits relate to disk space and bandwidth detailed above in our plan information.

Yes, there are no limits to the number of websites you can host.

The only limit is based on how much disk space and bandwidth (traffic) you use. Typically when you add more websites and grow them, you can expect your disk space and traffic flow to grow. So, you may need to upgrade your plan if we find that you are growing beyond your plan limits.

For hosting plans, if you go over your disk space usage, a $2.00 per GB over your plan usage charge applies. This covers the cost to store the data and the energy needed, which would add to your carbon footprint calculation.


We backup your website daily no matter the plan you are on.

Our backup solution consists of three different layers. The backup of our servers, the backup of your site (both internal and external). We do this because we understand the importance of having more than one solution to rely on when it comes to data backups.

We have multiple locations for our servers ranging from Sydney, Australia to the Asia Pacific.

If your business is in or operates in Australia, you will be hosted on our Sydney, Australia Green Web Host network.

The server location for businesses outside of Australia will depend on where your business is located and how much disk space you will need. If you have a preference, you can let us know and we’ll advise what’s possible.

In addition, our Grow and Achieve plans use the Sucuri Content Delivery Network. That means the site will connect to one of Sucuri’s closest servers to load the website even faster for guests that may come from other locations.

By choosing an Australian web host that has its servers located in Australia, not only will you be supporting an Australian business, you’ll also likely receive the benefits of reduced latency.

Latency is how long data takes to transfer from one connection to the other. Take for example your customer is in Sydney, Australia but you choose a web host that puts your site on a United States of America server. This increases the amount of time it takes for your website to load. That’s because the data has to come across from the USA to Sydney. Whereas if your site was hosted in a local server, the time to travel back and forth will be a lot quicker.

We know that this can result in a few milliseconds, however, it all adds up and can drive a considerable impact on your conversion rate.

That’s why if your business has a global presence we strongly recommend our Grow and Achieve plan that has the in-built Sucuri Content Delivery Network to make your site load faster by connecting to the customer’s nearest server in their global network.

Our ambition is to audit all our suppliers for green web hosting and achieve net-zero carbon emissions for the green web hosting business by 2025. Until then, we don’t like to claim that we are 100% carbon-neutral for your web hosting as there are multiple providers and impacts at play. Even though in Australia technically we can do that, we are an ethical business – so we believe honesty is always the best policy.

Our offset of emissions is based on the average carbon amount a site generates. We calculate all the active websites on our network and measure the page views each one receives to determine how much carbon footprint a website has likely contributed to for the annual period.

We can only reach this neutral goal if we continue to grow the concept further and with the support of fellow business owners and likeminded organisations.

Yes, you will need a domain name if you want people to find your website online. You can register or transfer your existing domain with us via the GROW dashboard at any time.

Web hosting is where your files are located on a server. However, a domain name is what points people to the website files in a professional and clear way. Otherwise, you’d have to give them a long IP address and that’s far from ideal.

Maintaining servers and purchasing infrastructure for information technology can be costly for a lot of business owners.

Shared hosting like the Green Web Host Network allows you to benefit from the entire infrastructure in a secure and reliable way.

Our network uses individual clusters to separate your site from others. That means you can enjoy the benefit of having a virtual server network without having to pay a massive load of money.

By using a shared network, you also share the cost of resources like the 24/7 green web host support team. If you were to hire a team to watch a server 24/7 and reply to you when you had an issue or query, you could be paying thousands of more dollars a year.

Shared hosting has its limitations however, for example, you will share the same IP address as other users. Whilst some systems are in place to avoid issues, bad habits of a network could impact other users. It’s why we have a 24/7 team that regularly audits the server, have added additional protections in place and audit our servers monthly for compliance.

If your business is growing more than the usual small business limits we’d expect, we would contact you about dedicated server solutions. These range from a month depending on your needs.

There’s an old saying “you get what you pay for”.

Our shared Green Web Host Network has been designed to provide small business owners with the best service, experience and value.

As an Australian small business, you’ll be supporting us to make a considerable difference to the local economy, in addition to reducing the carbon footprint of your business.

We would never lower our prices as we maintain them this way to ensure we keep up with the level of service and green promise our clients expect from us.

Our plans are fixed. We do not have lower-priced plans available. If a low price is important to you, you are likely not a good client for us.

The number one rule to choosing a web host is to ensure they meet your needs.

Here are some other considerations:

  • Where is the web host based?
  • Do they offer 24/7 support online and over the phone?
  • Are the web hosting plan details displayed or vague?
  • Does the web host do backups for you?
  • Can you access your account in a self-service dashboard?
  • Is your web host flexible with disk space usage?
  • Be wary of “unlimited” disk or bandwidth providers
  • Is your web host reliable? Are they quick to reply?
  • Are there many bad reviews online about them?
  • Does your web host offer you free migration to transfer?
  • Can you access a cPanel or the backend without restrictions?
  • Are they trying to own the domain name in their name? Run!
  • Is the provider a sole operator or do they have a team of people?
  • What PHP version are they operating for clients? Can you choose?
  • Are there other plugins or tools you can add?
  • Does the web host provide you with a free virus scanner via cPanel?
  • How much does the web host charge if you have malware?
  • Can your web host provide you with additional marketing expertise?
  • Is there a knowledge base on their dashboard?

Those are some of the questions you can ask.

Of course, if you are not sure – you can always contact our team who are more than happy to help.

The amount of disk space and bandwidth you use plays an important factor in how much your carbon footprint is. The more you use, the more you add to emissions for our planet.

Those providers who claim they have “unlimited” disk space or bandwidth still need to pay for the costs associated with this greater use of memory, performance, or energy. So you have to ask yourself, where does the cost go? There are many reasons to avoid them, but one of the main concerns is these providers do often restrict you in ways that are usually hidden in their lengthy terms and conditions or where it counts e.g. page speed time. Essentially, there is no such thing as “unlimited” when it comes to disk space or bandwidth.

At the moment, LYF Solutions® charges for disk space $2.00 per GB over your plan. Extra bandwidth is not currently charged.

We love that you share our values and passion!

We recommend you check out this carbon calculator which can help you to work out your carbon footprint and ways to reduce it going forward from our partner Carbon Neutral.

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