Free green web hosting for small business during COVID-19 and support

Free green web hosting for small business owners during COVID-19

As an ethical digital marketing firm for small business owners, our purpose is to help small businesses to grow online.

We understand that with COVID-19 a lot of small businesses are hurting right now.

To alleviate these pressures, we are offering the following to small business owners in Australia and New Zealand:

  • *Updated* 1 month free green web hosting for applicable clients
  • One 30 minute digital marketing consultation

These offers are subject to availability and may change depending on their demand. We are doing our best to provide this to as many business owners as possible.

We also encourage you to visit your local and state government website for further support and assistance. In addition, the Australian Government website.

Free green web hosting for one month

Two people watering their garden in the sun next to a wind turbine - to showcase green web hosting and the difference this change can make

If you have a WordPress website and already have a web hosting service, you can easily transfer across to our green web host network.

We will provide you with one-month free green web hosting based on any of our plans listed here.

That means you can enjoy even our premium WordPress managed green web hosting plan for the whole month!

Note: website update service hours are not included as part of this offer for Grow and Achieve plans.

Our green web hosting plans outline the disk space and bandwidth you’ll receive on our network. If you go over these generous amounts, you’ll need to pay the usual overage charge. In addition, all the usual terms and conditions of the service still exist.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer my web hosting over to you?

Simply contact our sales and billing team and we will look at whether you can transfer across.

Most small business owners with a (self-hosted) not website will be able to transfer to our network.

Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly or similar sites that are hosted on their own networks cannot be transferred across as these platforms have their own dedicated hosting environment.

If you have a cPanel (backend access to hosting) this will also make it easier for our teams to migrate you across. There’s no fee or charge to migrate across.


Will my website go down when I transfer across?

You may experience some downtime for 24 hours whilst your website moves across to our network.

In most cases, we see this to be less than this estimated time, but it depends on how your domain or website was set up and the worldwide web.


Can I also transfer my email hosting to you?

At this time this green web hosting offer is recommended for websites only. If you also run emails on your server, we encourage you to sign up to Google Workplace (formerly GSuite), Microsoft or other web services.

That’s because it is not recommended to run your website and email on the same server to avoid any technical issues or problems that may occur by doing this.

It also means that if one service was to go down (which we’d hope never happens) at least you can still access the other service.


What happens after one month?

You can decide to stay with us on the green web host network or transfer back to your previous or another provider of choice.

You’ll need to arrange the transfer with your other provider.

If you stay with us after the month and don’t notify us of the need to move to another provider, we’ll contact you to arrange which plan you’d like to stay with us on.

If we don’t hear from you after making contact, we’ll assume you’ll want to stick with us and will send you a bill for the service after the month period.


Can I access your 24/7 green web host support team even with this offer?

Yes, you’ll be able to call, email or raise a ticket online with our dedicated 24/7 green web hosting support team.

Our team are here to support you at this difficult time.

Please note: This offer means you’ll get the same experience as all our green web hosting clients, with the benefit of not needing to pay for services for a whole month.


I am an existing green web hosting client. Can I get this offer?

We appreciate your loyalty and want to help you as well. Please contact our billing team and we’ll let you know everything we have on offer for you as a loyal client.


Is your web hosting reliable?

Yes, we enjoy 99% uptime across our network on average. Our teams monitor our servers 24/7 around the clock, ensuring that your site is online with fewer interruptions to your small business and daily life.


What makes your web hosting green?

We help offset the emissions that our clients generate from hosting on our servers. As we support the environment and have a passion for sustainability, with this free offer we’ll still be offsetting emissions generated from those who join us on the network. This will be at our own expense.


How do I sign up?

You need to contact our sales team to apply for this free month offer. Let us know your business details, story and links to assist with your application.


Free digital marketing consultation

Team surrounded by an energy efficient light bulb that helps to reduce their carbon footprint by being more sustainable in business

Our team of digital marketers are experts in their field.

We have worked with a wide range of small business owners, and also have experience from the corporate sector in marketing.

We understand that COVID-19 presents a lot of obstacles for small business owners.

So, we want to help by keeping you motivated and inspired.

We can answer any digital marketing questions you may have for your small business including:

  • Web Design and User Experience
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimisation

You might need help navigating Facebook ads, want to brainstorm with us on how to keep money flowing in the door etc.

Whatever it may be, you’ll get the chance to ask us in a 30 minute digital marketing consultation, worth $40 plus GST.

Note, if you’d like to extend the session to be 1 hour, let us know and this will be equivalent to a 50% discount on this consult.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you run your free digital marketing consultation?

We prefer to use Zoom for our consultations. This means we will be live with you on video and audio.

If you are camera shy, let us know and we can turn this off and do audio-only.


What will I need for this consultation?

We want you to get the most value from your consult, so let us know beforehand what you want to talk about or the question/s you want to be answered.

That gives us more time to research beforehand and give you the most value.

You’ll need a good internet connection to use Zoom. Alternatively, Zoom can also be accessed via your mobile phone.


Can I invite my team or others to the consultation?

Yes, you can. Although, when you add more people in that may increase the amount of time it takes to get answers or for discussion. So to be safe, we recommend you keep attendance low for your benefit of the 30 minute session.


How do I get my free consultation?

Please contact our sales team with more information about what you’d like help with.

We’ll then send you our calendar to arrange a time.

From there, you’ll get an invite automatically for your session.

Please ensure any cancellations are done within 48 hours as we don’t want to waste your time or ours.


More support for small business

A team putting pieces into a puzzle - team member on floor working on a website on the green web hosting network

We are compiling a list of measures that support small business owners in the list below.

Note, we do not have any affiliation with any of the below measures:


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