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Web design project: Transfer to

Content Savvy to web design project

Content Savvy is an online copywriter and Instagram marketing queen. Catherine Falalis the founder of the business came to us seeking help with creating a new website for her brand.

Catherine already had a website using but didn’t realise there was another option known as (the self-hosted kind).

In our engagement with Content Savvy, we explored the pros and cons of having a self-hosted WordPress website over the .com option. One of the key motivations for Catherine to make the decision to move was the need to have a website that reflected her brand professionally and matched her branding. “This element of brand consistency was important to me but not something I could easily achieve with”

From web brief to completion

As part of the web design project, we helped to create the design and assist with delivering the content for this new website. The brief for the project asked us to create a website that reflected the brands fun and cheeky personality, and we were able to present this with a style of hand drawn icons and creative layouts.

In addition to helping with the design of the new website, we assisted Catherine in understanding search engine optimisation. “I have heard many people talk about the need for Google to find my content, but had no idea how to actually do this. LYF Solutions made it simple for me and gave me information that has helped me reach more people” she shared.

Our expertise in search engine optimisation discovered some handy keywords Content Savvy could use, along with some sound principles to consider when optimising the website for search and the user experience. “I understand this is a work in progress and there’s more to do, but I’m confident with Ray and the team, I’ll be able to continue to achieve my business goals for Content Savvy.”

Client testimonial

“Ray from LYF Solutions is an absolute pleasure to work with. I needed to move all my content from my site over to a site (yep, there’s a difference) and Ray ensured that this process was seamless and stress free. He listened to my brief accordingly and my new website is not only on brand, but also desktop AND mobile friendly. He also assisted in bringing my SEO up to scratch. I am very happy with the final result and would definitely recommend LYF Solutions to other small business owners who require a responsive and efficient site.”

Visit the Content Savvy website here

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