Australia - Its Endeavor To Make A Difference By Planting Trees

Australia – Its Endeavor To Make A Difference By Planting Trees

2015 Green carbon neutral certificate

Australia vows to finish planting 20 million trees this year. As part of our commitment to remain carbon neutral, we had planted 90 new trees way back in  2015.

Australia’s 20 Million Trees Programme

Australia’s program is focused on its commitment to plant a million trees before the year ends.  This move will help re-establish lush urban forests and green corridors.  One of the most vital factors of any project within the program is improving habitat for native wildlife.  This includes endangered or threatened species, and threatened ecological communities.

Planting Trees In Australia – Why Do We Do It?

Trees play an important role in every community. In fact, trees increase our quality of life by bringing natural elements and wildlife habitats together. Families and friends gather under the cool shade they provide during outdoor activities.  Many neighborhoods are also the home of very old trees.  Furthermore, these serve as historic landmarks for years to come.

Objectives of the 20 Million Trees Program in Australia:

  • Plant 20 million trees.
  • Carbon Reduction
  • Community Engagement

The program also aims to reduce carbon footprint with Australia lowering its greenhouse gas emissions.

In conclusion,  Australia hopes to achieve this big environment feat with the help of the community.  Therefore, we all need to help and do our part to save this planet.


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