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No get-rich-quick scheme. No spam bots. Here are some practical tips you can try to increase Facebook likes for your business page.

Increase Facebook likes the right way

1. Start a different like campaign

Facebook lets you promote your business page to encourage likes, but it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get to enjoy these likes for longer than the time you collect them.

For this reason, rather than starting any old like campaign, try a more targeted one.

When starting out there’s no denying the number of likes on your page can be a consideration for people to trust your business. So it does not hurt to kickstart a like frenzy in the beginning.

You can do this by creating what’s called a Facebook custom audience. Here you can create an audience based on existing customer emails and/or mobile numbers. And to expand this even further you can create a lookalike audience.

If you’re a new business, try a likes campaign that uses relevant interests. For example, a local fitness gym will target those interested in topics like exercise and wellness and those within 16 kilometres (10 miles) radius from their physical location. The interests are already gathered for you by Facebook and can be selected in your Ads manager.

2. Promote your content to those who don’t like your page

If you’re an existing Facebook business page, this is the perfect tip for you to acquire new fans or customers.

When you create an ad, you have the option to exclude those who already like your page. This is ideal if you want new fans or if your product is something people won’t often buy frequently e.g. a brand new pool.

You can find this option in Ads Manager at the ad set level under “Connections” or speak to us or a Social Media consultant for further help.

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3. Use the invite button on posts

Many business owners don’t realise Facebook gives you a way to invite those who react to (like) your posts. If you click on the post reactions in desktop or mobile, a new window opens up. You can then simply press “invite” to ask them to like your page for free.

Watch the video below to see it in action:

For the best results, it would be best to do this on a timely basis. Otherwise, people will be less likely (excuse the pun) to remember who you are and press that “like” button.

4. Promote a post to your competitors’ audience

What better way to gain new fans than to use some of your competitors’ hard work.

The trick here is to look up the brands page name when creating an ad. If it does not populate as an interest, the audience has not been picked up by Facebook. This is common for small businesses.

If you are unable to find your competitor, consider trying larger company name alternatives or use interests that your target audience are likely to relate to or be part of.

5. Make content that people want to share

If you wish to increase your likes and reach, develop or share Facebook posts that your audience will not only think are cool but also valuable too.

Plenty of research indicates the more value content has to an audience, the more likely they will recommend or share it with others.

Value does not mean giving away a prize or special offer either. It could be a message that resonates with your customer base. As an example, a babywear company shared an image of a father holding a little baby with a quote that said “Cherish the moments” which resonated with the audience around the key moments a father or parent spends with their child in the newborn phase. To support you identifying messages of value, consider using sites like Facebook IQ insights. A recent study found that in this case, using the father over the mother figure tends to result in more engagement as the content is rare and hits the emotional hot spots.

Make real fans love you

Steer clear of the bots and fake fans and aim higher with these practical tips. Go forth and increase your likes on Facebook, but remember to keep it balanced and always put your customer’s interests first.

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