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3 Ways Live Chat can boost your business

Live Chat is quickly becoming the top way for businesses to communicate with customers and visitors on their website.

The way in which Live Chat works is it allows you to speak to your customers in real-time while they are actively on your website. This month we explore three ways in which you can use Live Chat to help boost your small business.

Live chat small business ideas

1. To attract new leads

Live Chat can be a great way to meet and talk with potential new customers.

You can encourage people to talk to you or your team via your website. This experience allows others to get to know you and sets you apart from competitors who don’t offer this option.

Tip: If you’re available often, add a live chat link in your email signature.

2. Target website visitors

With Live Chat, you can discover those visitors you want to have a conversation with the most.

There’s no use talking to every person on your website. When it comes to collecting the right clients for your product or service, it’s all about knowing them first.

Online tools like Pure Chat allow you to understand the user including their location, the page they were viewing and previous history. These tools are incredibly useful and can lead to a greater chance of the prospect becoming a loyal customer.

Live chat is a powerful marketing tool as represented by this handy infographic.

3. To solve customer issues

Received a complaint on social media? Get to the bottom of it with Live Chat. If you are on the go, you can use a Live Chat phone app to talk to customers. This can be of use when in noisy places such as public spaces.

Some customers may also prefer to chat to you via the web, rather than by traditional means like the phone. A study showed that Live Chat has the highest satisfaction rate, with 71% of customers happy compared to 61% for email and 44% for phone.

Need online chat for your website? We use and recommend Pure Chat as a Live Chat platform.

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